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The following chart appeared as an exhibit during former White House intern Monica Lewinsky’s grand jury testimony, during which Lewinsky detailed the instances in which she and President Bill Clinton made contact.

It was included in lengthy investigative report prepared by the U. Office of the Independent Counsel’s lead prosecutor, Kenneth Star, about alleged abuses of power committed by Clinton’s White House.

A young woman walked into a Family Dollar store in Cleveland, exhausted, sweaty and desperate.

Michelle Knight was 21 years old, and she’d spent the past few hours searching for the location of a crucial meeting.

I decided to friendzone him because, if you exclude the whole sex thing, we actually had a good time. Gorgeous, tall, smouldering, mature and successful. Unfortunately for me, he is also 24 and in the prime of his playing-the-field days.

The date went well (from what I remember – I was too busy looking at his mouth the entire time and imagining it on me).

Eventually, they may ask you to join a Skype (video) call with them.

It may take some time and seem extremely believable.

By the time he pulled up to his house on Seymour Avenue, just a few blocks from where Knight lived, he’d convinced her to take one home for Joey.

A tall chain-link fence surrounded the dilapidated, multi-story home, and trash was strewn across the lawn.

Look, everyone's tried Tinder at some point, but what's it like to *really* try it – by going on a date Every. I did, however, text his name and address to a friend with instructions to call the police if I don’t message her by midnight and to check for my remains in the nearby port. We met at the bar where he works, realised straight away that nothing would ever happen between us, and have seen each other many times since. When I swiped right on this guy, I thought it was a farce because I recognised him as a TV actor from around a decade ago.

We ask Tinder Girl (for that is not her real name) to give it a go and the results were... Tinder Girl is personable, outgoing, pretty easy on the eye and can spell, so actually getting the dates was a walk in the park. For some stupid reason, I agreed to meet him at his house (rule number one: never arrange to meet a guy you've never met before at his house, kids). 'I don’t know if anything will ever happen with us,' he said, 'but I definitely know we will be friends.' And so it happened. My first Tinder success (I think I may be doing Tinder wrong).

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